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The feedback I would love to share would be this one

The feedback I would love to share would be this one: I know you hold the space for us but thank you for opening up my eyes it’s been an amazing journey so far. The course magical, I’m still implementing myself love routine. I love how I look at things and even how I speak to my children it’s so much calmer at home now

Thank you so much

Thankyou so much Tammie for Your knowledge, your honesty & your beautiful soul. You are just gorgeous and I thank you so much x – Nicole Cantarella

Kate Rutland from Sustainable Seedlings

Kate from Sustainable Seedlings. I first saw Tammie on a Woman’s local business facebook group. Tammie had done a video talking about her up & coming inspired business workshop. I was immediately drawn to her personality & energy even though i was not sure the workshop was something I was needing currently in my business i booked in and went along. The workshop was very useful & i also gained support & friendship not only from Tammie but also the other workshop participants. The workshop helped with allowing myself to be seen & heard which has been very helpful. The nurture, nourish & connect course helped go even further through a deeper connection with self. I learned many skills & tools, felt a deep sense of support & connection, had many insights & revelations. The highlight of the course was not only my own personal development but also the development of friendships & support networks with the other women in the collective. Before, during and after the course support is of very high standards and is part of what makes this course uniquely special as you are fully supported at all times. I have greatly valued & loved what i have received from Tammie at Earth Radiance through her workshops, courses, products & support groups. I have grown significantly since meeting her & using her services. Tammie perfectly embodies Earth Radiance with her down to earth grounded loving nature, her glowing shining light energy, and her ability to help other women to awaken the light inside themselves & let it shine. Tammie Pike at Earth Radiance takes Heart Centred Mentoring to a new level i highly recommend her work & look forward to working with her again. Kate – Sustainable Seedlings

Nurture Nourish & Connect

What a wonderful course. Tammie Pike is so professional and supportive throughout the entire process and trust me it is a process.
Learning how to Nurture, Nourish and Connect with yourself is exactly what this is all about and it is so empowering to learn how to do this. Thank you Tammie for providing this wonderful opportunity for Women. You are a true Angel helping to guide us along our journey :Emma Gilmore

Feedback Full Moon Qoya & Sister Circle

I was actually not too keen on getting out of the house to attend the Full Moon Qoya & sister circle as I felt flat and tired, but my husband must have sensed that I needed it and said YOU ARE GOING! OH I LOVE HIM!! So I walked in not knowing what to expect (Late as usual) and I was greeted with smiles and welcoming warmth. I instantly felt comfortable in a room full of strangers only knowing a few personally. I sat and felt an intense tingling and empowering primal nourishing of strong women. I am a self-conscious dancer and never dance (sober) in front of anyone. I closed my eyes and felt incredible energy all around me as I released what no longer serves me! We shared our insecurities and our strengths in a nonjudgmental circle of love and understanding and by the end of our time together everyone there was radiating a higher and more positive energy. I highly recommend any woman who is seeking more connection within their lives to experience one of Tammie’s Circles. : Emma Mogg from Full Circle