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Hello Beautiful,

Do you want to add even more value & support to your programs, courses, services, workshops, circles, gatherings or retreats?

Then the self-love kit is for you!

It will support the beautiful women that want to go on a self-love, self-discovery & self-empowerment journey with you by integrating what they learn from you in their daily self-love rituals that they create with these divine products whilst in their own home.

It's an amazing gift to give those who work with you, it's a tangible & physical product that not only are they good for you with pure ingredients, they also are high vibing with their intentions & affirmations. The kit also comes with a manual to help women understand how to use each product & create their own unique sacred rituals.

Let the Earth Radiance’s Self-Love Kit grow your connection to your tribe as well as add value to your already invaluable services. To find out more about wholesale prices & details then please contact me via the link below.

I look forward to collaborating with you.Tam xo