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Qoya has given me the gift of showing me the way home to myself. It has shown me how unique and beautiful each part of me feels, how much wisdom I have within, how good is feels to be free within my mind, body & soul. I now feel instead of suppressing my feelings,

I express instead of being numb & disconnected.

Through Qoya I have remembered how powerful it is to have a TRIBE of women that I can connect with on a deep & meaningful level. That if we allow ourselves to be held & supported by beautiful, nurturing women, we heal so much quicker, we become more whole.

Women joined together make magic together that can’t be replicated or recreated without the sisterhood connection.

Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember. We Remember our essence as Wise, Wild and Free.

Wise, Wild and Free draw reference to the 3 movement forms that are practised during a Qoya class:

Wise – The Wisdom of Yoga

Wild – The Creative expression in dance

Free – The freedom to feel pleasure in the body through Sensual movement.

Qoya also helps us remember those things that can never be put into words. Like when you see a sunset and your whole body exhales. When you are on a road trip and feeling the sensation of adventure. When you get caught up in the contagious laughter of a child or feel the warmth of your lover’s body in bed while it is raining outside. The feeling of accomplishment when you completed work you are really proud of, or when you catch up with an old friend and at the end of the conversation you really feel like everything is going to be ok.

Qoya is designed to feel how the body and movement are a portal to remembering, to feel our perspective shift from going through the motions to savouring life as sacred.

Qoya does this through classes, workshops, rituals, personal movement rituals, retreats/pilgrimages, teacher trainings, offering free videos online, and a blog in the hopes that all that feel the call to remember can be supported on their journey.

Qoya classes combine the traditional benefits of fitness – including strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility training – with a unique empowering approach that is feminine, expressive, and most importantly, fun. Qoya is different in that it offers a shift in consciousness that evolves the way we have been to taught to move our bodies as women. Drawn from the wisdom of Yoga, creative expression in dance, and the pleasure found in sensual movement.

Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies. In other words, the focus becomes more on the enjoyment of the experience in the present moment vs. all the traditional motivation factors of exercise ( losing weight, toning, burning calories, stretching, reducing stress, etc.). All those become pleasurable bio-products, but not the reason you go. The reason you go is your joy.

One of the main difference is that Qoya addresses all parts of a woman: mind, body, emotions, energetic, spirit and soul – seeing her as human & divine.

Qoya explores dancing the fullness that it is to be a woman in her body in the following ways:

• Ways we can build strength: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

• Ways we can be flexible: not only in our hamstrings, but going through the flow of our day.

• Ways we can be agile: like a child who falls down and bounces right back up.

• Ways we can savour: an exhale that takes us into a hip circle of remembering the gift of being a woman.

• Ways we can Love and honour: what is – as it is – and still dare to dream bigger dreams

• Ways we can say YES.

A Qoya class is different because it speaks to all the different levels of awareness in a woman: physical body, mental state, emotions, spiritual connection and energy and addresses the whole woman. As an instructor, you speak to her as whole, lacking in nothing and from the deepest part of your own awareness, speak to that in Her. Imagine a whole world where that’s how we released to one another seeing the human and divine aspects in each amazing woman.

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