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Stop Living with Pain – Increase Your Quality of Life – Completely Safe

The effects of Pulsed Energy on bone and body tissue have been studied thoroughly for decades, and to date no significant side effects have been discovered. What therapy can offer the same combination of ease, effectiveness, and safety?

You deserve a life free from the limitations of chronic pain, and this Pulsed Energy Replenisher can be your most powerful tool towards getting you to the comfort level you need.

Our body is made up of millions of tiny electrical currents and impulses interacting throughout the cells. The P.E.R. waves of energy pass through the cells with a very powerful, very fast rate. The spin of the electron is increased, and this usually lasts about 4 days. This, in turn restores or replenishes the trans-membrane potential of the cell.

When we are tired, weak, run down, unwell or not attaining optimum performance, these electrical signals usually need a boost of energy. This energy pulsing process helps to replicate the body’s natural electrical signals and restore vital energy. Unhealthy cells produce less than 50 milli-volts. Healthy cells sit within the range of 70 to 110 milli-volts. Think of this process as “recharging the batteries” inside of you. It rejuvenates, replenishes and helps restore energy!

Our Pulsed Energy Replenisher (P.E.R.) 2000 is also used to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process of injuries and illnesses.

This device targets the source of pain and transfers powerful magnetic energy pulses to the point of injury, no matter how long ago it occurred.

The therapeutic benefits of the Pulsed Energy Replenisher are often felt after just one Energy Replenisher Session. Clients report that they can feel the energy pinpoint the exact spot where it’s needed most, where it can potentially provide immediate relief for chronic pain and help the body to repair faster.

This leading-edge technology is available to anyone seeking all natural, non-invasive methods to restore health and magnify the body’s overall performance.

Come and try the Pulsed Energy Replenisher to see for yourself the amazing benefits.

Each session is around 30-45mins plus a 15min consultation, so allow for an hour.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Other therapies target a range of frequencies, or a specific one. This is similar to hitting one key on a piano. The P.E.R. is like hitting ALL the keys on a Piano at once; it is a broadband excitement of all the frequencies all at the same time!

Atomic excitement.

The energy stimulates the spin of the electron to store energy there that lasts up to 4 days. Molecules tend to align slightly with each magnetic pulse. This makes the molecules easier to combine, especially when excited.

The pH becomes more alkaline.

This allows better oxygen uptake, and suppresses some harmful entities.

The surface tension can shift on the order of 16 fold.

This allows fluids to flow into cell gates much more efficiently, or lymph to thin and flow.

Red blood cells separate.

Cells will restore their charge and repel each other in minutes, allowing more surface area to transport oxygen.

The Vascular system relaxes.

This can happen within minutes of completing a session. It can drop blood pressure by 15 to 30%.

There is systemic response to the sessions.

Many report the feeling as though the body’s functions have been fine tuned, or turbo charged or to have an “overall sense of well being”.

Bone mending & the quality of calcium enhanced, recovery time from a fracture can be 1/3rd of normal time.

The bone seems to develop cells more like the DNA dictates.


This is the phenomena wherein the cells’ gates open to allow more passage of fluent (H20) to dissolve toxins, or allow better delivery of a medicine or herb.

The electromagnetic pulse is causing the person to generate tiny little micro currents.

The energy from these “micro currents” tends to run through the neural pathways. This seems to swamp the C fibers from accessing the neural gates which allow the pain signal to stream to the brain. Less signal, less pain perception. Speed and discharge of the pulse We can use tremendous amounts of energy without there being time to heat the atom. We can pulse energy into an area for as long as 1 hour if needed.

I have 2+ years experience with the P.E.R (2000) & have seen many improvements in not only myself, my family but friends, and animals as well.

I am passionate about sharing this type of healing as it is instant, it’s comprehensible and it’s results are it’s proof.

Our trained operator will help you pinpoint any health issues that need to be addressed.