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Calling all beautiful women with incredible visions!

If you are looking for change, if you want to start loving yourself, or if you just want to understand yourself better, your dream goal can become a reality by joining our fabulous events hosted at different times of the year.

These events are an amazing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss if you truly desire to transform your life

26th July 2018

Qoya & Full Moon Sister Circle

Where: Arise.Yoga for more details click on the link

Time: 6:00-9:30pm

What to bring:Water bottle, warm clothing that you can dance in & an open heart & mind.

Money exchange: $40pp

Get inspired to do some necessary soul-searching

Experience more sacredness and join our delightful community of strong women who are empowering themselves through our programs. Spending just a day at one of our events will allow you to notice the incredible change that can happen within you leading to a feeling of unmatched connection to self and bliss.

This world needs change and, when a woman invests in herself, that change is accelerated.Indeed, the change cycle process is quite infectious. When a woman prospers, the family prospers, then the community prospers, and eventually the entire nation prospers.

If you are seeking change in yourself, remember that you are not alone. Like me and you, there are millions of women who are hoping to become empowered someday.

Get inspired to do some necessary soul-searching and seek out inner harmony to enjoy life full of joy, contentment and love.


Let your someday be today!

Our events will provide you with some much-needed space where you can be yourself without having to worry about being judged by others.Ideas and feedback at such events are solely designed to help you find the splendour and beauty that lies within each one of us but somehow gets obscured as we go about living our day-to-day lives. Come and join our wonderful group of strong, like-minded women and experience the unique and sacred proceedings designed to help you work on your inner self and get rid of everything that no longer serves any positive purpose. Grab yourself a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable & be ready to be inspired by their amazing stories.We look forward to seeing you join other beautiful, real and wild women at our next event soon.