Defining Self-Love

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People often talk about self-love and self-care, but do you really know what it means? Allow me to explain. Self-love is much more than pedicures, manicures, makeup, bubble baths, fashionable dressing, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is about allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions, shadow, light and aura. It enables you to listen to your innermost voices and connect with your true essence.

Self-love is the art of loving yourself irrespective of what happens or what the world thinks of you. Understanding that you aren’t responsible for another person’s actions is the first step towards self-love. And it is not just about your deeds; it is also about practising love and compassion towards yourself when those around have lost hope in you.

You can practice self-love by following certain designated rituals to help you find joy and balance. You will start your day by coming from a place of peace rather than one of turmoil. You will respect your words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, health and time by refusing to allow others to take away your sense of worth or power by trying to dominate or demean you.

Life is a long journey where we are fortunate to be accompanied by our loved ones. But if they aren’t supportive of what you choose to do and how you want to lead your life, relationships start falling apart. Self-love helps you understand that it is fine for people close to you to not be supportive or encouraging. How you come to terms with this and choose to treat yourself and them is largely determined by the degree of inner peace you have achieved.

Self-love is about being able to see through what is and what isn’t. It is not only about being grateful for what is around you, but what is within you. It is about being caring, compassionate, kind and forgiving to yourself as well as those you come in contact with. Self-love always comes from positivity, and not from fear or anger.

Self-love helps you understand that you are beautiful just as you are – that you are perfectly you! You don’t need to crave more success, more money, or more beauty. Being happy for what you are will enable you to appreciate this beautiful journey called life, and this will be the biggest gift you can ever give yourself. Self-love is a discipline that you commit to everyday, for yourself and for your happiness. It will let you discover the essence of who you are and make you sparkle bright!


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