Self-Love Workshop

Are you ready to reignite your passion in your life, for your life?

Are you ready to find out which areas of your life & career need to be nurtured and tended to, to bring a more abundant life?

It can be overwhelming trying to keep a balance in your normal life, let alone having a career, business & family. Let me help you understand the importance of life & business check ins and learn how to break it down to be able to find where in your life/career/business needs to be nurtured to enable a healthy and flourishing life/work/family balance.

For many of us, the biggest challenge in life is getting ahead while still enjoying the ride. Too often, life, work and responsibility weigh us down, and we lose track of what makes us come most alive.

Let me share with you the way we can determine what areas of our life & business that need a little bit more transforming than others.

After the 2 hour workshop you will be able to–

• Understand in what areas of your life & business that need to be balanced.

• Identify areas in life/career/business where you need to give time and energy to help yourself & your working life grow.

• Learn simple techniques to assist change to bring about what you want to achieve.

• Understand how to create simple yet effective self-love practices that help you keep balanced & nourished.

If you’re struggling with some difficult decisions, feeling overwhelmed or feeling frustrated at not making any progress in your life or business, then let me help you to focus on the right priorities & help you find your inspiration and help reignite your passion.

You deserve it.

Nurture, Nourish & Connect 6 Week Online Course

Calling in all women who are ready for change, to feel empowered but most importantly ready to choose you!

I want to ask you a few simple questions & if you answer yes to any of the below then this course is for you.

Are you looking for ways to:

• Reconnect with yourself?

• Reclaim your happiness?

• Reignite your passion for life?

• Love yourself completely?

• Grow your confidence?

• Trust yourself?

• Live the truth fearlessly?

You can achieve all this and more by choosing to awaken the Real, Wild Woman present inside each one of us. Keep in mind that she needs to be awakened in a tender, loving way.

Slow down, close your eyes, delve deep into yourself, and gently breathe her in. Join me on the road to reawakening the Real, Wild Woman by devoting yourself to self-love, self-care and self-discovery.

Don’t pressure yourself to find that sacred space within you because using force won’t help. Instead, try and feel her presence through your senses, intuition, and spiritual energy which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind.

The Real, Wild Woman is a rare species who needs your love, care and attention to help her re-emerge into your world. She can fill your days with boundless joy and happiness once she has been revived.

To find that free, joyful woman within you, start by removing the mask that all of us wear in order to keep others happy. You must learn to let go of the mindset that you need to be responsible for everyone else’s happiness, even at your own expense. You need to smash the narrow confines you have been put into by society, by others, and yourself.

Together, we can help each other grow, heal and expand beyond our wildest dreams. Together we can fly high! Let’s unite and undertake a journey to rediscover the Real and Wild Woman that resides inside each one of us through self-awareness, self-love, sacred rituals, and most importantly, a shared and caring sisterhood.

Be Courageous. Be Wild. Be Real. Remember that you are worth every bit of the time, energy and investment you will make on yourself. If you are ready to transform yourself and become truly liberated, join me for a 6 week-long programme dedicated to self-exploration, sisterhood, empowerment and self-love.

What is included:

• 1 x 60-minute live coaching call each week.

• Weekly Mini Master Classes

• Check Ins

• Accountability

• Exercises to generate experiences for you to immerse yourself in on a weekly basis.

• Secret facebook group where you will have support not only from me but also other like-minded women.

• Be a part of a connected, healing and nurturing sisterhood.

Get access to FB lives where you can share, connect and ask questions daily. Enjoy a special Natural & Organic Affirmation Self-Love Kit including my famous lip balm, face mask, moisturiser, herbal tea, journal, and more.

This course is all about changing:

Negative mind-set – To really, truly believe and know that to look after ones self, to do what one desires, to be able to create the life you want to live is as important as breathing oxygen.

How you see yourself and your desires

You will learn:

How to create a self-love ritual that brings you love & joy.

How to create a tool-kit that keeps you balanced and keep you from burn out.

How good it feels to do what you desire & what brings you joy.

That you are the most important person in your life.

You will leave knowing how to create a life you love to live that is full of Joy, Flow & Ease.

Invest in yourself &:

Re-connect to yourself

Re-connect to your joy

Re-ignite your passion for your life

Love yourself completely

Grow your confidence

Trust your inner knowing.

Live your truth fearlessly to become a Real, Wild Woman in every way

Your Investment $499 (payment plan available) to embark on a priceless journey of self-reclamation and transformation into a more beautiful, radiant, blissful you.

To book in a chat for free 30-minute connection call to explore if this course is in alignment for you & what is involved by clicking here:

I look forward to embarking on this inspiring journey with you.

So much love,

Tam ox