Finding Stillness in Life

How about finding stillness for a day with your thoughts no longer ruling your emotions and actions? How about appreciating your inner beauty and realising your self-worth for just a moment without seeking approval from elsewhere? How about finding the perfect toolkit laden with tips and products to help, support and nurture you throughout your […]

Defining Self-Love

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People often talk about self-love and self-care, but do you really know what it means? Allow me to explain. Self-love is much more than pedicures, manicures, makeup, bubble baths, fashionable dressing, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is about allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions, shadow, light and aura. It enables you to […]

How to use the Four Part Breathing Technique

Four Part breathing (also known as square, tactical) is a simple and highly effective technique that you can practice for a few minutes anytime you need to boost your creativity or concentration, help with scattered thinking, or interrupt an intense “fight or flight” response and return to a state of healing and peace. It is […]

My love of Qoya

Do you know what I have loved most about incorporating Qoya into my life?   It’s that I now know how to listen to my body, I now let my body move when it wants to move & how it wants to move.   Take today for instance, I was grinding old nail holes on […]

I love my job!

Do you know what I find very fulfilling? Is working with a woman who’s absolutely dynamic, yet she either doesn’t know it, isn’t aware of it, or isn’t accepting of it. This type of woman that I get to work with isn’t aware of her own greatness or how knowledgeable & wise she really is. […]