10 Ways to Look Younger Naturally – Part II

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Hey, beautiful souls!

I am back, and I want to share with you my 6 remaining tips to help you feel good and look young naturally. It’s important to understand that your beauty, health and inner peace are aspects that you can’t ignore. Practice self-love daily and do the things your body really needs.

Now, let me share some more incredible ideas to foster self-love and self-care in yourself.

5. Get 20 Minutes of Sun Daily

Getting 20 minutes of sun regularly is vital for us as we need Vitamin D for our overall health and wellbeing. Vitamin D from early morning sunlight has many important health benefits including improving our mood. Many scientific reports and findings endorse the benefits of getting some sunshine on the skin every day. It is not just about good looks; it is about feeling good from within. By exposing ourselves to sunlight, we are also connecting with Mother Earth, which is something we ought to do more often. For best results, take in the sunshine without shoes and minus all the layers of clothing. Just being present and soaking in the beauty of nature, listening to the wind rustling through the trees and the birds chirping, can bring a smile to any face. It will surely bring a smile to yours.

6. Bring More Sacredness and Reverence into Yourself

Care routines are usually neglected by most women. However, it is important that you take the time to perform your own self-love ritual. A lot of us do everything to hide our physical blemishes and look gorgeous. But a self-love routine is about more than just looking beautiful from outside; it is about uncovering the beautiful persons that we all are from within. Bringing more sacredness and reverence into ourselves would imply loving ourselves for what we are. We don’t need to resort to beauty and body products all the time to be something that isn’t us. Just self-love can do the magic.

I am talking about true beauty which comes from accepting yourself and not trying to be someone else. It will allow you to honour who you are as a woman, and what you look like is part of that. Even I love to wear make-up; and when I put them on, I step into my warrior self and I am raring to go. However, I use make-up with a positive intention and not to hide my flaws and the things I don’t like. You can still see my freckles and the after-effects of eating excessive chocolate. For me, make-up helps in getting me into a specific mindset—“Right, I’m in work mode now!”

You can also use affirmations or intentions when you are applying various beauty and body products. While using these products, your aim should to treat your body with love and reverence. If you feel uncomfortable, just start touching your body in a loving way and washing yourself with gratitude. Start being grateful to your body by saying things like, “I thank my body for letting me feel the things I experienced today,” “Thank you for letting me touch my babies today,” or “Thank you for letting me do the work that I do.” This will gradually bring back love and reverence for yourself which in turn will help you feel younger, more energised, and more joyful.

7. Love Yourself

We need to practice self-love daily. It is a must. If you want to look beautiful, young and radiant, this is the key. The secret is out but can you actually do it? Can you allow yourself to do this? The answer is – You Can! You just have to let go of all the negative emotions and feelings that prevent or restrict your beliefs about yourself and the idea of self-love. Stop feeling guilty about looking after yourself because it is not at all selfish. It is something that will make you feel good about you, every single day. It will empower you to be you each moment. And the benefit of that is you will be more balanced, less reactive, and more yourself, which means that you can be more of the mother you want to be, more of the wife, more of the businesswoman. Since you feel good from within, you won’t be resentful, frustrated, or angry because you are living your truth.

8. Meditate Regularly

Meditation, mindfulness and stillness can calm your mind and connect you with your body. It will pacify that distracted and overactive mind which is mostly on autopilot mode. This constantly thinking mind of ours causes a great deal of stress and anxiety. You need to calm yourself to find stillness, to be mindful, and to be present in the moment with the help of meditation. This will help you feel peaceful and be appreciative of your being.

9. Work towards Self-Empowerment

Becoming empowered and doing what you love to do are vital for your well-being. One of the things that I love teaching the women who come through my course is checking in with your body as soon as you wake up. Ask yourself, how do I feel right now? Because if we become conscious of all the things that are going on in our minds and allow space for them, it will allow us to let go of those thoughts and achieve mental clarity. The second question to ask yourself could be, what do I need to do to help me get through this situation or feeling right now? Could it be journalling, oracle cards, moving straight to gratitude, or going for a walk and watching the sun rise, connecting with that magic and that beauty of the new beginning of every single day? What is it that you need? And the third thing is to actually get up and do it without any excuses. You can use the 5-second rule where you think about it, decide, and then do it. These little things will help you create an amazing day for yourself with every single sunrise. Fill your cup and your joy!

10. Use Natural Beauty Products

All of us want beautiful skin. We want to look youthful and attractive. But what is not right is that we usually prefer beauty over health when it comes to cosmetic products. Using products that can make you look younger instantly can be a huge temptation. However, the fact is that most of them are laced with toxic chemicals. Even though you are getting what you want immediately – no wrinkles or smoother and more radiant skin – that glow is actually created by chemicals. You are actually applying those toxins and chemicals on your body. Our skin is extremely sensitive and requires natural treatment. What we absorb through our skin goes directly into our bloodstream, affecting the organs in the process. This will further affect our health, mindset, and hormonal balance. Using cosmetics that are laden with chemicals would mean that you are risking your health and happiness for temporary good looks.

Now that you know about the harmful effects of chemicals-laced cosmetics and body products, make a decision to switch to organic products that will help in nourishing you. For instance, use chemical-free face masks made from natural ingredients like French clay and aloe vera.

The fact is, I don’t need to tell you what you need, because it is only you who knows that. Creating work-life balance, becoming empowered, connecting with your inner self, not suppressing your emotions and feelings, and knowing your truth can transform your life into one of complete bliss. It is worth investing the time, energy and money to boost your health and happiness. The best part is, you get to choose to change, because you can change – and you can make that choice for yourself. By doing so, you are not only benefiting from it, but also role-modelling for other beautiful people around you.


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